North Durham Professional Counsellors

Dr. Parnian Pajouhandeh 

Primary areas of care; PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Marriage, Anger Control, Aging, DBT, Divorce, First Responder issues, Grief, Mindfulness, Stress Management                                                                                                                

*Children, Adolescents, Adults*Fluent in Farsi       

188 Mary St., Unit B, Port Perry                                              

905 985 1130                                                        



Dr. Deborah Reixach 

Primary areas of care; PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Marriage, Divorce, Grief, Stress Management.  CBT, CPT, EFT, Family Systems work. *Adolescents, Adults**Family Therapy, Couples Therapy 

188 Mary St., Unit B, Port Perry                                              

905 985 1130  


Access Psychology

Dr. Helen Daymon 

Primary areas of care; Speech and Language, Learning difficulties, Separation/Divorce issues, Blended families, Bullying, Social skills, Body Image/Eating Disorders, OCD, Selective Mutism                                                                                                                 *Children, Adolescents                                                                                          

214 Mary St. Port Perry                                                               

905 982 0606                                                  



Your Psychology Centre

Dr. Beverley David 

Primary areas of care; PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Anger Control, Aging, Grief, Child Issues, Sleep Disorders                                                                                                                                                                                      *Children, Adolescents, Adults

2 Campbell Dr., Suite 307B, Uxbridge

647 918 9355       



Dr. Cliff Berish

Primary areas of care; Dispatcher/911 Issues,  PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Marriage, Anger Control, Aging, Divorce, First Responder issues, Grief, LGBTQ Issues, Mindfulness, Sleep Disorders, Stress Management*Adolescents, Adults, Couples, Family                               1885 Glenanna Rd., Suite 214, Pickering                                                                

416 994 7945                                                                                                  

psych1@rogers.com or                                


Alternate office: 265 Yorkland Blvd., Suite 403, North York

416 994 7945 


Durham Psychologists

Dr. Christine Hansen 

rimary areas of care; PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Marriage, Divorce, Grief, LGBTQ Issues, Mindfulness, Sleep Disorder, Stress Management                                                                                                                  *Adults                                                                                                          

230 Westney Road S., Suite 307, Ajax                                                                                        

905 683 2678                                                                              

or Markham Psychological Services
9030 leslie St., Unit 5, Richmond Hill                                  

905 472 5842 


Dr. Terra Seon                                                       

230 Westney Road South, Suite 307, Ajax, Ontario Canada L1S 7P9
(905) 683-2678


Dr. Yukiko Konomi                                       




Dr. Sara Day

Primary areas of care; PTSD, Depression, Trauma, Relationship issues Performs EMDR treatment.  *Adults                                              1250 St. Martins Dr., Unit 6, Pickering                                
289 423 0025                                     



Dr. Janette M. Collier

Primary areas of care; Trauma/PTSD, Anxiety, Panic, Stress, Depression, Pain Management, Coping with Chronic illness, Emotional/Physical/Sexual Abuse, Loss and Grief, Coping and Significant life changes. *Adolescents, Adults*EMDR  

372 King Street W.,

905 721 1102

Mills/Gross Psychology

Dr. John Mills

Speciliazes in Trauma and has many locations throughout the GTA.  He assists officers from Durham, Peel and York currently.  There is no wait time and himself or one of his colleagues will assist you immediately.  

467 Westney Rd. S., Unit 4, Ajax                                                      

905 686 7184                                       



**Mills/Gosse have offices throughout the GTA and Ontario


Dr. Wendy LeDoux

Primary areas of care; Dispatcher/911 Issues, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Marriage, ADHD, Aging, Divorce, DBT, Addiction, First Responder issues, Grief, LGBTQ issues, Mindfulness, Child issues, Sleep disorders, Stress management                                                                                                                                                                             *Children, Adolescents, Adults          

1295 Wharf Sr., Unit 18A, Pickering                                                                                                                             

or 340 Byron St. S., Suite 200, Whitby                                                                                                                                            905 426 7890